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Detect Car Leaks with Ease: XL-2 Automotive Leak Detector

Detect Car Leaks with Ease: XL-2 Automotive Leak Detector

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Model XL-2 Includes:

(A) Instrument All controls and connections are made with the instrument, using the control panel. The instrument is housed in a rugged outdoor use thermoplastic resin case. It is water tight, has a latching lid, and can be locked. The case also has a storage area to hold accessories. The Panel and Controls are explained in more detail in Section 2 – Control Panel.

(B) Pickup w/ Cable The Pickup is the sensor microphone which is set on the ground surface to pick up the acoustic signals of the leak. It has three small spike feet to help make good contact with most surfaces. It is designed to be moved to locate the strongest acoustic signal. More on the Pickup is explained later in Section 3 – Operation

(C) Probe spike The probe spike is an additional part of the Pickup which can be screwed into the bottom of the Pickup sensor to enhance the signals reception. The probe is used when the ground cover is soft dirt, or turf and the probe can be pushed into the ground. It can also be used to make direct contact with the pipe.

(D) 9v Battery (Installed, not shown) A common 9v battery operates the XL-2 instrument. There is a battery holder on the panel which can slide up and out, making battery changes simple. More on the battery in Section 6 – Servicing.

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