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Dalf Point Is A Locally Operated Company With International Resources That Provides Professional Support, Product Consultations And Resource Augmentation To The Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Food, Construction And Building Services Industries.

Blue Gold Spray Wash / Degreaser

Blue Gold Spray Wash is composed of non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, inorganic builders synthetic detergents, and a glycol ether solvent.

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General Electric FXL Projector Lamps

GE Lighting FXL 82V 410W GY5.3 - Colour 3500K White Part Number

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Micron B075BTZ13JK Control Transformer

Micron B075BTZ13JK Control Transformer, 75VA, 1Ph, 240 X 480Pri - 120Sec, Open Type

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