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Tinker & Rasor

Tinker & Rasor Model DL-1 Data Logger: Advanced Data Logging Device for Monitoring

Tinker & Rasor Model DL-1 Data Logger: Advanced Data Logging Device for Monitoring

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Product Description

Tinker & Rasor Model DL-1 Data Logger

Use DL-1 as your “Leave Behind” CP tech, taking CP voltage reads over periods of time.

The DL-1 is a very sophisticated instrument designed to take CP voltage readings for pipe to soil measurements, depolarization, interference testing, current interruption monitoring, stray currents, tuelleric events, and more.

The Latest in Data Logging for CP Applications
Tinker & Rasor re-introduces the Model DL-1 Data Logger. The all new DL-1 is still a four channel, leave behind data logger, but with many new features and improvements.
1 mV resolution, USB communication, new software.

The new DL-1 as double the memory, a major increase in processing power, better resolution and now has USB communication with the computer.
Other features include a rechargeable Li battery, new gasket and end caps for better resistance to water intrusion, Power button and more LEDs for more information.

The new TRAC4 software is easier to use and offers better tools for analyzing data than its predecessor. New features include the ability to graph only selected data from the Data View, graph only selected channels, and more.

The USB cable makes connecting a DL-1 unit to the computer much easier and the download speed of recorded data is lightning fast!

  • 4 Channels: (2) +/- 5v DC, (1) 150V AC, (1) Unfiltered +/- 100v
  • 1,000 Reads per second
  • 1,000,000 reads total memory
  • 1mV Resolution
  • 200+ MegOhm Impedance
  • Computer Configurable Trac 4 software at no charge
  • Allows user to share data in "Native Format"
  • Trac 4 software guarantees "Data Integrity"
  • Active AC and DC Filters
  • Li Rechargeable Battery
  • Time/Date Stamps
  • Exportable Data
  • Complex One Click Graphing
  • USB high speed Interface
  • Conveniently fits inside 3" Test Station Riser Pipes (Riser Pipe hanger included)
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