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Tinker & Rasor

Tinker & Rasor Model CE/IT Below Ground (Buried) Insulator Tester

Tinker & Rasor Model CE/IT Below Ground (Buried) Insulator Tester

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Product Description

Tinker & Rasor Model CE/IT Below Ground (Buried) Insulator Tester

The Model CE-IT Insulator Tester is fully automatic and highly sensitive electronic instrument designed to test the effectiveness of buried pipeline insulators. The CE-IT can also be used to determine isolation condition of pipelines in road crossing casings. 

The Model CE-IT circuit automatically adjust to the voltage polarity present on the underground piping system under test. A read out of the test results are displayed in English on the LCD meter. The entire testing procedure is complete in less than 30 second and audible signal alerts the operator when test cycle is completed. Although the Model CE-IT is equipped with power start switch, the instrument will automatically shut off in 10 minutes if not in use, to conserve batteries. 

The Model CE-IT is factory calibrated, ready to use and requires no field adjustment.

  • Gives test results via digital display
  • Results given
  1. Effectiveness of Buried Pipe Insulators
  2. Isolation condition of pipelines in road crossing casings
  • Good to indicate broken wire
  • Automatic off to ensure long battery life
CE-IT Capabilities:
  • Senses & Replicates:External polarity, External Voltage,
  • Analogues,Internal Voltage Reference with External Voltage
  • Measures flowing current throughout the testing cycle
  • Gives result of test considering the above tested parameters
  • Battery life exceeds 50 hours  

The CE-IT gives fast and accurate testing of below ground insulators and road crossing casings. This fully automatic unit tests the insulator without any adjustment by the operator needed.

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