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Tinker & Rasor

Drive Comfortably: Tinker & Rasor AC-15 Car AC Warning System

Drive Comfortably: Tinker & Rasor AC-15 Car AC Warning System

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Tinker & Rasor Model AC-15 AC Warning System

The Tinker & Rasor AC-15 AC warning system is made to measure the AC voltage potentials between your structure and ground to ensure the safety of personnel working on the job site.  This unit will monitor the potentials and let off an audible alert if it detects potential differences of 15V AC or more on a structure.  This device can give you state of mind while working in pipelines that run through high voltage electrical corridors.

The AC-15 is contained in a mil spec locking case that includes a lid lock to prevent devise closure while in operation. The alarm threshold for the device is 14.6v AC with the full alarm at 14.8v AC.  The device has a 8000 mcd blue LED warning light to ensure warnings are visible in the daylight along with a small green LED to ensure the unit is operating.  Capable of operating in -2°F to 140°F temperatures the AC-15 is perfect for most job sites.  This device also conforms to NACE SP0177-2007.

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