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Tinker & Rasor

Tinker & Rasor - Wire Brush Electrode

Tinker & Rasor - Wire Brush Electrode

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Tinker & Rasor - Wire Brush Electrode

Made from a unique combination of silicone rubber and carbon, the Wire Brush Electrode meets many different requirements and applications, especially for coated surfaces that are uneven or include fittings, bolts, or other tight corners need to be inspected. The electrode is used to inspect weld joints on the outside or coatings applied to the inside of pipelines. Also, inside and outside of tanks, rail cars, concrete structures, just about any conductive substrate with a non-conductive coating. The Wire Brush Electrodes are available in 2” to 60” widths in 2” increments.

  • Individual Stainless Steel wires make up brush.
  • Available in 2” through 48” widths.
  • Recommended for use on structures with odd shapes or angles, to keep intimate contact with coating surface.
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