Tinker & Rasor - Half Circle Spring Electrode - Dalf-Point

Tinker & Rasor - Half Circle Spring Electrode

Price: $65.00

: Tinker & Rasor

: Welding Material

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Size: 3/4" - 1-1/2"
Catalog Spec Sheet: Here

Tinker & Rasor - Half Circle Spring Electrode:

Using the same square cut, tightly wound stainless steel wire that the Full Circle Spring Electrodes use, the Half Circle Spring Electrode will cover more than 180 degrees of pipe circumference and is meant for small diameter pipes, .750” OD to 3” OD), or pipes with fittings, T’s, bends or other inclusions that may hamper the use of a Full Circle Spring Electrode.

  • Made for Outside Pipe Diameters of ¾” through 14”
  • Stainless Steel, square cut construction for intimate contact with pipe coating surface
  • Inspects over 180 degrees of pipe circumference.
  • All aluminum couplings include bearings for easy rolling down pipe.